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Multiple overlays support

Create as many overlays as you need. No Image size restrictions. Separate for each domain. Saved between browsing sessions.
Cloud sync coming!

Collapsed mode

PerfectPixel dialog box will get out of your way when you want. Great for mobile design or when you simply don’t want to see it. Just double click on the PerfectPixel header to enter the collapsed mode.

Lock feature

When enabled, interact with elements on the page that are below the active overlay. Allows you to adjust page elements in real time to match the active overlay.

Scale feature

Useful for optimizing images for different PPI/Retina screens.

Keyboard support

Speed is key. Things like having the Mousewheel change the overlay opacity, enable faster development. See full list of shortcuts here.

Layer rotation PRO

Pro version allows to rotate layers to an arbitrary angle.

No Ads PRO

A complete ad-free experience for the pro users.

Premium support PRO

Fast response times from our support team.

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